I am the Coordinator of a 70-man choir in Aberdeen (predominantly young people,) and I double as the Regional Music Director (Scotland) for the entire Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Churches in Scotland. Leading the choir (in the local church and in the region) has helped me to grow in many areas of my life. The choir is a very visible and active arm of the church and I am the Worship Leader in my parish (Fountain of Love, Aberdeen). Click here to visit my church's website

My Church

I fellowship with the Fountain of Love Church (FOL) here in Aberdeen at 31 Palmerston Road, AB11 5QP. FOL is a local church that preaches love (as the name suggests) and cares for people. The church is involved in many community projects, one of which is reaching out to the homeless, and those with addiction problems, people with depression, and helping them to overcome their challenges and become better integrated into the larger community (Faith Clinic). We have qualified counsellors who are dedicated to reaching out to people needing counselling.

Fountain of Love is a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, which is one of the world's fastest growing churches, with over 250 parishes in the UK alone. My local parish (FOL) here in Aberdeen seats about 600 worshippers (adults) and about 200 children.

Fountain of Love is a place where everybody is somebody, and we do alot of singing, clapping, shouting and dancing to the glory of God. There is no dull moment. We have people of different backgrounds, race, faith, creeds, colours, and orientations come through our doors. Feel free to come and hang out with us sometime. The doors are always open to all. We were all made by one supreme being -God, who loved us even in our fallen state, and made a way for our redemption through His son, Jesus Christ.

Playing Football

I also love to play football, if I ever get the chance to do so. If you are up for a good game of football, please give me a shout, I might just be available (who knows)...