An Information Service for Flexible Transport to Health & Social Care

£75,108.00, 2014-2015, RCUK (EPSRC) through dot.rural Research Hub

I am the principal investigator (PI) on this important knowledge exchange (KE) project funded by the UK Research Councils through the dot.rural Digital Economy Research Hub at Aberdeen. The goal of the KE project revolves around enhancing the way in which flexible transport services are managed. The KE aims to transition one of the outcomes of a recent research into a deployable product that will be operationalised and exploited to support real-life transport to health partners and operators within the North-East of Scotland to provide more effective transport services. The product developed in this project could potentially be exploited in other parts of the UK. Our partners in this project note that “the exchange proposed potentially allows for a mutual exchange of knowledge and insight between the teams involved around their experience of working with customers, working with community transport groups, knowledge on existing transport services etc”. We strongly believe that this project has UK-wide inclinations, impact and relevance and could help our partners to deliver better services to service users.

dot.rural Digital Economy Research Hub

£11.8M, 2009-2015, RCUK (EPSRC, MRC, ESRC & AHRC)

I am one of the research fellows on this major project funded by the UK Research Councils in interdisciplinary research in the Digital Economy. This project represents the largest single investment by the UK Research Councils to the University. My focus is on the autonomous agents and services research, and am involved in the following sub-projects:

International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences

£2.9M, 2006-2016, US DoD/UK MoD joint funding

I was a research assistant in the ITA research project at Aberdeen between January 2007 and October 2011. The current focus of this 10-year international research programme is investigating: