Building Natural Language Generation Systems

(a book written by Ehud Reiter and Robert Dale) (ISBN 0521620368)



The book has come out in paperback. Price is 22 pounds.


I've written a short FAQ on building NLG systems.


The book is available again from Cambridge University Press, under a "print on demand policy". Price has gone up (as is normal with print-on-demand), to UKL 55.


Please email Ehud Reiter if you see any mistakes in the book, and I will add this to our errata list.


This book summarises Natural-Language Generation (NLG) from a system-building perspective. In other words, it will explain how advanced artificial intelligence techniques can be used to create software which automatically produces documents, explanations, and other kinds of texts.

We hope the book will be of interest to students and researchers interested in NLG, and also to software developers working on advanced document-generation systems.

It was published by Cambridge University Press in early 2000 as part of the Studies in Natural Language Processing series.

Detailed contents and part of the introductory chapter can be downloaded from CUP (PDF).
We presented tutorials on on building NLG systems at the 1999 EACL and 1997 ANLP conference. This is based on some of the same material as the book. You can download (gzipped) versions of the slides from my Publications page.
We have also written an overview article of applied NLG which takes much the same perspective as the book (although it is obviously much less detailed). This was published in the Journal of Natural-Language Engineering. You can download a PDF version of the article.