Mike Burton, PhD, FRSE

School of Psychology

University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen AB24 3FX, UK
Tel. +44 1224 273930
Fax. +44 1224 273426


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Current Appointment: 6th Century Chair of Psychology, University of Aberdeen
1994-2011 Professor of Psychology, University of Glasgow
1996-1999 and 2008-2011  Head of Psychology, University of Glasgow
1992-94 Lecturer in Psychology, University of Stirling
1985-92 Lecturer in Psychology, University of Nottingham


The main focus of my research is face recognition.

Although my interest is primarily theoretical, I also work on automatic, computer-based face processing and on issues relating to forensic identification.

Look at my lab group site to read about currently funded projects, and the results of previous work.

Follow the link here to see a list of my recent publications.

Glasgow Face Matching Test

If you are looking for the Glasgow Face Matching Test or the Glasgow Unfamiliar Face Database, these can now be found here.

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