Professors of Natural Philosophy at the Universities of Aberdeen *

Dr James Sibbald MA DD

James Sibbald was the first person in Marischal College to be appointed 4th Regent, instituted on 1st March 1620 when the first Principal was relieved from the duty of teaching. He taught the Magistrand class, the final year's students, and signed himself Philosophiae Naturalis ProfessorSome information on Sibbald has been collected in P. J. Anderson (Ed.) "Fasti Academiae Mariscallanae Aberdonensis", Aberdeen, 1898, p 33. A few graduation thesis exist under his presidency, the last being dated 1626. About that year he was appointed as Minister of Aberdeen and in 1628 awarded a Doctorate of Divinity by King's College. He became one of the "Aberdeen Doctors", a notable group of six divines who felt that the reformation had gone too far. He was deposed in 1640 and moved to practise in Ireland but died of the plague in Dublin some time after 1647.


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