Pipeline première at sound 2016


Pipeline, for organ and fixed media, will be premièred as part of the sound festival on Oct 25th, in King’s College Chapel, University of Aberdeen. It will be premiered by Roger Williams who has been putting together over a number of years, the Aberdeen Organ Book which commissions composers to write for the instrument along with technological resources.

The organ recital and the acousmatic concert (music presented over loudspeakers without performers) share a fairly unique similarity in the world of musical performance – the object which makes the sound is hidden from view and therefore invited the audience to partake in a rich listening experience where there is no recourse to watching the sound producing device in operation. This piece allows the listener to wallow in a world of ambiguities where the origin of the sound is not important and where the listener can invent their own, purely aural narrative of the piece.

More information here.

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